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Freedombulls Ruby

Ruby is in our eyes the ideal Bulldog, she is beautifully structured, her health is great and her temperament is lovely.

She had the biggest character out of all our dogs; she is full of life and very loving. She is an adored member of our family.

Ruby has done well in the show ring as well as at obedience classes. She is loved by everyone she meets and enjoys nothing more than a good cuddle. Ruby is very trainable and lives to please; she is one of our smartest dogs and responds brilliantly to the clicker when training.


Ruby has been approved by the LBA to be bred from and has been bred to Bruno Tat2 with puppies expected mid-September.

We have no doubt she will make an excellent mother and we cannot wait to see her puppies.

Below are some photos of Ruby and her X-rays of her Hips and Elbows.

She has also had her heart, eyes and skin fully checked and certified  in March 2012.



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Here are some photos of Ruby being herself – Either running around, looking beautiful of having a cuddle! She is wonderful with our daughter, as are all our dogs.

This photo was taken after Ruby won Best in Show at The Mouth of the South the biggest Bulldog show in the country – She won all her classes and went up against our very own Billy in Best in Show

IMG_6008 (1024x666) IMG_6054 (1024x683) 320315_426757964050651_2126146889_n



Above are Rubys Xrays of her hips and elbow joints – We send these to an official Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (O.F.A) vet in the U.S.A Mike Muhlbauer to be assessed and graded.

When grading the xrays the vet will look for any evidence of degenerative join diseases such and Hip or elbow dysplasia and the formation of the joints – Ruby has been graded very well and has very healthy joints.


Any questions you have about our health screening please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.