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Lonsdale's Tuppence








Tuppence is Ruby's daughter from her 2nd litter and very different in personality to her older sister Penny. She is by far our most easy going and placid dog, she is gentle and so calm for her age. She is an absolute pleasure to live with and be around and such great company.


She gets along with dog and human she meets and will be an absolute asset to our breeding programme. Most importantly she is an adored member of our family and our children absolute favourite ( not that anyone should speak of favourites) all the children love her gentle, kind easy going company.


Tuppence has had her Hips, Elbows and spine x-rayed and approved for breeding by the Leavitt Bulldog Association and has an absolute perfect bill of health. She is extremely fast and athletic but  equally intelligent and enjoys training and obedience.


Health Tests:



Elbows: 0/0

Spine: Normal


Radiographic findings:

 The femoral heads are well seated in the acetabular fossae without evidence of subluxation or degenerative joint disease.

 No diagnostic osseous or soft tissue abnormality is seen in either elbow.

 No vertebral abnormalities are evident.


We have plans to breed her in the late Summer early Autumn of 2017 once we have found an equally lovely male that we feel will compliment her well.

IMG_3170 13522962_1123919494334491_6349400755408371027_o

D.O.B: April 2 2015

Height at the sholder: 17 inch

Weight: 45lb

Hip score: OFA Good

Elbow Score: 0:0