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Puppies are here!

Born on the 13th November.

None of these puppies avalible for sale






It is not our plan to breed regularly we may have the occasional litter there is a possibility of a few puppies will be available to SELECT HOMES ONLY and under a legally binding contracts that we both have to sign.


We have an extremely strict placement program for our Bulldogs and we have very thorough and stringent checks.


All of our puppies will go to NON BREEDING homes unless this is somthing we have previously discussed or to fellow Leavitt Bulldog Asscoation breeders  – If you want a bulldog to breed from we are not the breeders for you.


It is also very important that we keep in touch with every puppy throughout their life for a few reasons:


Firstly to ensure they are safe and well for the rest of their lives, secondly because they may be potential prospects to bring into our breeding program in the future and its very nice to watch them grow and develop.  


Secondly and most importantly to give you the new owner’s lifetime support. We will help you with anything you need throughout your puppies life; For example if you ever feel that behaviour  is an issue we will be happy to have the puppy back for a while to assist with training out any undesirable habits or behaviour that is a concern, we will hlep you find a good trainer or behaviorist to work with local to you along side our support and guidance.  


We will always have a place here for all of the bulldogs we breed for the rest of their lives – So if at any point situations change the bulldogs MUST be returned to us here.

To some people these ‘terms’ may sound extreme, but to sure that we are doing the best for our Bulldogs we have to be this through  – We have dedicated our lives to this great breed and will continue to make sure that they only in the best hands.


If you are still interested in a puppy from us, or to be placed on a waiting list, the next step will be to give us a call and we can have and initial chat.





Breeding successful, healthy and happy litter of puppies is much more complex than just selecting two dogs to breed together wether it be for Health or conformation; Many other factors contribute and are often over looked by breeders. Factors such as the way in which they are raised, cared for fed and socialised will also determine the quality and wellbeing of the puppies. As the breeder it is our role to ensure all of this is done to best of our ability.


We have this attitude not just for our our future breeding program, but for new families that will have our puppies and most importantly the puppies themselves.


It is our belief that from the moment the puppies are born they are being shaped and developing, both physically and mentally. The up most care and attention is taken to create the best possible environment for them and their mother to live and grow in. We have commited to learning all we can about puppy development and do all we possibly can in our power to ensure the puppies leave our home having had the best possible start in life. We understand the importance of the 1st 10 weeks weeks with us and how it can shape and impact the rest of their lives.





Our Leavitt Bulldogs are raised using the Puppy Culture Program. What we have learnt over the last few years and how this method of raising our pups has changed our understand of puppies and their abilities is life changing, for both us, the dogs we breed and the families that have our puppies.  


Puppy Culture is a series of educational videos which i follow meticulously from the very start of the puppies life.They are created and authored by Jane Killion, and developed using the some of the worlds best experts in canine development and health. The DVDs outline the science pertaining to puppy development in the first 12 weeks of life, and guide you through the practical application in the form of enrichment protocols and emotional resiliency exercises for puppies.

The aim is to shape the puppies in the most crucial and malleable time of their lives; When learning is at its most optimum. The result is well adjusted, confident, socialised puppies ready for the world.


I give each new owner a copy of the DVD to take home when the puppies are around 4 weeks old and prepare for their arrival, they can follow me through each step of the puppies progress and when they are ready to leave at 10 weeks old, the families will be fully equipped with the knowledge to continue the work we have done, and go on to raise a wonderfully well adjusted dog into adulthood.


To learn more about Puppy Culture, please click on the picture below.
















IMG_2618 (1024x683)

When our puppies leave us here we send them off with a very extensive ‘Puppy Pack’

This is to help the transition from our home to their new one as easy as possible, as well as giving

everyone peace of mind that they will have all the need for their 1st weeks in their new homes.

They will have the things they need, but also all the most recommended tools and information

you will need to get off to the best possible start.


  • Most important and No1 on the list is the Puppy Culture DVD - This is given to the familes at 4 weeks so

         they can go away and get prepared. This DVD will give you the best possible advice and guidance.


  • We include the 1st week of food and an extensive guide on feeding, diet and nutrition.


  • We also give you a good supply of recommended supplements and training treats


  • Toys are included; The ones we find tough enough for a bulldog puppy!

  • We also give you a few toys that they have been playing with, so they have familiar things around

  • them to help the settle in.


  • We will give you bedding that both them, their litter mates and their mother has slept on;

  • this again offers them the comfort of a familiar smell on their 1st night away from the litter.


  • Books and information! Lots of it – We will have given a book (or two) to read up a few weeks before collecting your puppy; We do this so you are prepared and ready and start as you mean to go on. The 1st few days are crucial in setting the ‘rules’ so we give you time to get prepared.


  • I also write you a guide and collect you information that I have got together and tailored to your home environment and set up – Wether its added information of puppies and children if you have children in your home, or info on introducing older dogs to a new puppy etc – I will get together all the relevant information specific to you and your family to help you off to the best start.


  • Bulldog info guide – I also give you some history of the breed, including photos of your puppies’ ancestors and general info on the breed as well as photos of mum and dad

  • You will have your puppies’ collar and lead we have been training them with.


  • Each puppy will have their vaccinations, microchip and Id stamp paperwork and documents as well as a certified vet check certificate.

  • All our pups leave us with 6 weeks insurance


  • We give you their 1st worming treatment needed once leaving us (normally given 2 weeks from collection day)


As well as the things mentioned there will lots of other extras that I will add depending on each individual puppy – My daughter also likes to get them each a present to leave with as she is so involved with their upbringing.

It’s an exciting time for everyone when our puppies leave for their new homes, often at times an emotional one! We like to all we can to give them the best start And look forward to the updates!

rosecherry&pups (800x533)

If you think the Leavitt Bulldog is the breed for you please take the time and read through the information below to be sure that you understand our attitude towards placing puppies in new homes:




We do have a waiting list for our puppies but we do not have it set in stone – Our priority is to find the best possible available homes for our puppies, rather than sell them to the first person who comes along. The interests of the puppies and the future of the breed is the most important thing to us.


If you would like to be consider as a potential owner please get in touch with us and we will have a chat and send you over our questionnaire to fill in.


The questionnaire may seem extensive to some people but our aim is to get to know you further and find out what qualities you have to offer one of our puppies.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Below are some photos of the puppies as they grow i will keep these updated


Our Facebook account is updated daily with the progress of the puppies, feel free to 'add us' we also have a UK owners group that those interested in the breed can join. You can see 1st hand the dogs we have bred, how they intergate into a family and watch the way i raise our litters and thier progress. Please search Leavitt Bulldog Owners UK.



If you have read though this page and feel that you understand our breeding ethos and would like to talk to us some more about our dogs or would like to be considered for a new home for one of our puppies please give us a call, we would love to hear from you

Phone: 01245222439/07557789816

Or you can email us and we will send you over a questionnaire to send back to us: lonsdalebulldog@hotmail.com

You can also click on the link below to download our questionnaire and send it back to us on an email

We also have a facebook page - I update this daily with videos and photos - Please add us to see what we up to and hear more about our Bulldogs

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Puppy Packs

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Along with Puppy Culture we begin with the basics of being handled and cared for throughout the day by all our family exposing them to males, females and most importantly children.

They will learn that the energy and presence of a child is a positive experience as well as understanding they need to be respected.


The puppies will be exposed to as much as possible around the house, from everyday noises and sounds to different surfaces to walk or climb on, they will meet different dogs and mix with our older dogs to learn the fundamental of canine behaviour – All the aim to shape them into relaxed, confident and stable young dogs.


We also take them regularly in the car, together and individually to get them used to traveling.


Another important activity for us is toilet training and crate training; we hope to have the puppies house trained by the time they leave using positive reinforcement, which we will show the new owners and expect this to be continued in their new home.


We ensure that each individual puppy has time alone from their litter mates – This makes the transition from leaving the litter to their new homes much easier for them and the owners resulting in a happier puppy.We will also teach the very basics of obedience from day 1 – As soon the pups start interesting with us we will use positive reinforcement to teach them the basics including jumping up, nipping and the other naughty puppy habits!

Our Role as Breeders

Puppy Culture - The first 12 weeks!

pc-image 28059482_1703402896386145_6984529468738944200_n IMG_5321 IMG_6277

One of our most enjoyable part of raisning a litter is that we take the puppies into our daughters school to meet the children, its a great experiance for everyone and the puppies really enjoy the trip.

IMG_5697 gem_image_2017-08-02_14-14-28_DISC_SET_350 26167524_1656860091040426_8769678255424138641_n

Puppies & Our homing Process

Puppy Questionnaire