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Billy was imported from Dewinters kennels in Belgium; he came over with his sister Rosa.

He is great example of a Leavitt Bulldog, Billy is for us has the perfect blend of ‘Bully’ looks and athletic structure. He is extremely athletic as you can see from the photos below ;  he has great prey drive, and is very alert, but can switch off and relax and become the perfect family bulldog when asked and he is a great family guard.


It has taken him a while to mature but now he has we couldn’t be happier with him, both in conformation and temperament he is just superb. We hope to take him to some shows next year and start increasing his weight pull training.

We look forward to watching Billy play a crucial part in our pack now and in the future. His stable and gentle temperament will prove invaluable when bringing up younger bulldogs. We have no doubt he will help us raise some more well balanced and friendly youngsters and show them what it takes to be a be a great Bulldog!...


Billy, like all our dogs has very strong bond with our daughter. He is very gentle and respectful of her and despite his size and strength he will tiptoe around her.


When we go out for walks it’s rare that he will leave her side, he is very protective of her – she couldn’t be in safer paws!


Billy really enjoys keeping active, he is in great shape and enjoys the flirt pole the most. He looks very active in these photos, but is equally very happy to relax ( on the sofa if he can sneak on!)

Other than the flirt pole he loves nothing more than chasing rabbits - That is were he was going when he was jumping over the gate !!!

IMG_0863 (533x800)
IMG_0877 (545x800)
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