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Rosa was also imported from Dewinters Kennels in Belgium.

She is the sweetest dog we have owned she is so kind and gentle and adores our daughter, she enjoys having a cuddle and being around people everyone thats meets Rosa falls in love with her

Don’t let her gentleness fool you!....This little girl is very fast and agile and has the most drive I have ever seen in a bulldog. She is very focused and controlled at the same time - She is a pleasure to work with and there is nothing that she can’t do.

Rosa has particularly taken to weight pull just the sight of a harness gets her going.

In our eyes she is the perfect balance between a 'performance' dog and a family pet.

She is also a very good little guard dog,

Rosa is bulldog spirit personified!



Rosa has taken very well to all athletic events - she particulary enjoys weightpulling and is proving to be a real natural, like all the dogs loves nothing more than being with the family.


This is Rosa father - LGK Diesel - Here he won Best in show at the european bulldog show in 2008 Showing his owner and David Leavitt

Rosas Sisters from a previous mating of the same combination LGK Diesel x Tatanka2 -  Gucci and Lady they were placed 1st and 2nd females in the european bulldog show in 2008. - Judged by David Leavitt

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Rosa sadly passed away after a short battle with mamory cancer - We owe her so much and she is always in our thoughts

Height at the sholder: 17.5 inch

Weight: 48lb

Hip score: Appoved by the L.B.A for breeding ( FCI A2 / B.V.A 6 )

Eye Test : Clear

The temperament of our Bulldogges is without a doubt the most important thing to us,  as well are being brave and strong they are gentle and kind; Rosa is the perfect example of this wonderful temperament.

Rosa and my daughter have the most wonderful connection - They have grown up together and are very close, every little girl should have a dog like Rosa!!