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Lonsdales Penny

D.O.B: September 11th 2013

Height at the sholder: 17 inch

Weight: 49lb

Hip score: OFA Good

Elbow Score: 0:0

Penny is the oldest of Ruby's daughters, we bred her ourselves and absolutely adore her. She is totally devoted to us and our family and is an equally loving mother herself. We have two of her sons that live here with us - Arthur and Baxter

Penny has had 3 litters and raised the most beautiful puppies, her offspring are all as equally full spirited as she is!

Penny is higher energy than her sister Tuppence, and likes to be in charge with the other dogs - But she has two of her sons living with her so thats understandable. She is however the most gentle, respectful and loving one of our dogs when it comes to the children.

I have loved raising pups alongside Penny, she is a doting mother and when it comes to her mothering duties you will not get a more attentive and devoted mother.


She is very fast and powerful, has great drive and is obedient and intelligent.

For a female of the breed she is slightly more 'bully' with a shorter muzzle length and broader chest.


Her temperament is kind and loving with our family and wonderful with our girls, and she is more protective around the house and our land than Ruby or our other dogs. She has a nice natural guarding instinct and is proactive and alert.

Penny with her mum Ruby
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mum and daughter
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Puppy Penny
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Pennys parents; Freedombulls Ruby and Regency Era Bruno Tat2.